The Syndicate

The Ruins of Dranor


The group embarked on their first mission, across 800 miles of sea. The long ship had been loaded and they were traveling at a fair clip and they were making great time closing on Kesmek. The eleven day journey proved to be challenging as each member of the group tried to find something to occupy their time. The Ninjas began by watching those aboard the ship, to study who was doing what, then they noticed the little cabin boys and how poorly they were treated. Thorn began to speak with the cabin boys, while chuck began to perform small bits of sleight of hand. Over a period of a few days, the boys began to trust the two Ninja and that was when Thorn took it upon himself to teach these young lads how to defend themselves in a fight. The training lasted nearly the rest of the voyage, with improvement on the part of the Cabin Boyz.

Meanwhile, Gard and his companion Scorn, studied the seas and the environment around them. They watched as the Ninja taught the children and the men toiled at work, rowing hard when the wind died down. One day near the end of their eleven day journey, the wind died entirely. The sailors were pushing themselves to continue to try to make good time. Gard stood up and went to the upper deck of the ship. He raised his hands and called upon the power of the wind to assist in furthering their journey to this forsaken land. The wind came upon the aft of the ship, filling the sails and surging the ship forward.

Gard began considering what he knew about this Island they were traveling to. The concept that it was a forsaken place is not that far off an idea. Ever since the rise of Gual, Kesmek had been tormented and enslaved. Kesmek was one long running conflict, with only a recent outside military influence from Licentia, who lost dramatically at the hands of the Dragon Shaman.

Five Years ago, The Pentacle brought the dead body of the King of Licentia to rest on his homeland, as was tradition. During their short stay their, The Pentacle discovered, the Red Dragon Shaman, led by three Red Dragons were enslaving every race their could in the territory. Gard knew that only the Minotaur had held out. The Pentacle engaged the Red Great Wyrm in his lair and slayed him. Now Guals Mate and their son controlled the island. When The Pentacle finished their task, everyone had been freed from slavery. The Pentacle left the island of Kesmek, bu Seth, The Paladin swore he would one day return to destroy them. Indeed he did return, but he failed to kill either Red Dragon, thus breaking the Treaty that was put in place, causing the enslavement of the races to occur again.

And this was where they were going. Approximately one and half days from Kesmek, the aura on the ship went from being positive, to an aura of fear. No one could place exactly what the problem was, or where it came from, but the entire vessel became domintated with an illogical terror as they grew closer to their destination.

The Druid, Gard was the only one who did not appear to be affected by the fear choking the ship. He moved toward the helm, gently moving the previous pilot aside. He let him lay there whimpering, while guiding the ship to the previously discussed landing point on the north side of the island.

The crew began to recover from the fear that overwhelmed them. Gard turned over control of the ship to the Captain and they sailed on. Arriving at the northern coast of Kesmek, also known as The Island of Despair, the three adventurers boarded a small dingy and were taken ashore. They were left to venture deeper inland, the Captain informed them he would stay until he was needed, they agreed to return as quickly as possible.

The trek inland brought them into a think forest. As they entered, a couple of them noticed a large metallic object sticking out of the side of the Volcano. They thought it curious, but then carried on. According to the information they received, The ruins of Dranor should be at the base of the Volcano, a couple of days travel inland.

The First Day was a spectacle of sights and sounds. The thick forest was dense enough to make overland travel difficult at best. The sound of nature echoed through the trees and a variety of animals called out for their mates. Birds, insects and other wild animals could be seen easily without much effort. Close to the end of the first day, the group noticed something out of the ordinary. Realizing they were being watched and followed, they dispersed into hiding. Gard noticed the creature first, it was a large Equine looking creature, with a large torso of a man, where the horses neck and head should have been. Gard though for a moment and realized he was looking at a Centaur. These creatures were practically unheard of in the modern world. Rumors and Myths of sitings reached back as far and most people could remember, but it as far as anyone knew, they no longer existed.

Gard began speaking in a very fluid and beautiful language, known as Sylvan. "

Welcome friend, we mean you no harm" Gard said.

“Why have you come here?” the Centaur asked.

“We have come to learn. We seek knowledge.: Gard replied.



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