The Syndicate


Knowledge is Power


It was a cool night in the western sea. The waves slapped against the sides of the hull as the ship plunged forward to its final destination. The Isles of Valde Decor. Four messengers had been sent to the four corners of the known world to summon hand picked members for the meeting that was to take place on this night. Three ships sailed into port, precision-ally timed to arrive at approximately the same time.

As each member departed from their long voyage, the sweet smell of fruit and fertile soil swept into their nasal passages. Large leaves reached out from the trees, providing cover from the small trickle of rain that fell from the sky. The first to enter the small town was a a couple of Ninja, who were brothers and problem solvers by trade. They used special equipment to take on the appearance of travelers, with loose fitting clothes and large bowl shaped hats on their heads. They traveled to the tavern they were instructed to meet at. A place called The Wolf Pack Tavern. After speaking with the guards at the entrance, they entered. The Tavern was empty, save for the Bartender and a man sitting in the far dark corner of the other room. The two Ninja, known as Thorn and Chuck headed to the bar and ordered Saki, hoping some would be available. Their benefactor did not disappoint. A short time later a druid, known as Gardnarian Sunder and his companion, a large mage bred Ghost Tiger, entered the small town, noticing the scantily clad locals, which consisted primarily of humans. Each of the locals were going about their business, attempting to complete the days chores, before retiring for some much needed celebration.

Gardnarian, arrived at the tavern and presented his papers to two men watching the door. When they were satisfied, they allowed him entry, but requested he leave “the cat” outside. He did so agreeably, then headed inside, ordering some food, which arrived a time later. He took it outside and fed his pet.

Once these three members arrived, they were summoned into the second room, where they were directed to the man in the corner. As they approached, they noticed he had slightly elongated nails and feral eyes that peered out from beneath his hood. Drawing the hood back on the cloak, he allowed his should length black hair fall freely over his shoulders.

“Welcome.” He said. " I am Iena, your benefactor and I have summoned you here with a proposal."

The group looked at each other curiously and then back to Iena.

“What I propose is this, each of you have been chosen to atart an new organization. An organization that works in the trade of knowledge. Not just any knowledge, but knowledge that has been lost to the ages.”

Iena Paused, then continued.

“I offer you the opportunity to explore lost histories, artifacts and knowledge, to uncover what has been written over, or blown away from the sands of time. I have documented several locations that have been abandoned, or that hold such great mystery, that the will be worth exploring. This is just the beginning of what we will be able to do. Are you interested:”

The group spoke openly amongst themselves, asking Iena questions regarding finance and what to do with any “special” items that were found. He assured they would be able to keep what they find and that his only interest was the knowledge. Finally, after little debate, this small group chose to begin building the foundations of The Syndicate. They vowed to remove themselves from the civil war, The Consortium was caught up in and try to find their fortune down another path. Of course, it helped that Iena, was financially backing them to launch thing endeavor.

“Very Good then.” Iena said. " The first mission I have for you is at The Ruins of Dranor."

“I know little about this location, except this. It is the closest of all the locations you will visit. Second, this is a small ruin of a town on the west side of Kesmek, or The Island of Despair. I bid you travel there and attempt to uncover the secrets that ruin holds, if any at all.”

The group decided to leave at day break. They all spent a the next several hours of the night, eating, drinking and getting to know one another. Of course as it happens every night before a new adventure, the time passed quickly and each member would retire until sunrise.

At day break, they all met down at the docks. The air was warm and humid. There as just enough of a breeze to get the voyage moving forward without delay.



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