It has been five years since The Pentacle prevented The Return of Takhisis by killing her would be Avatar mid ceremony. Since that time, The country of Licentia has become a borderline totalitarian government, led by Seth, The First Paladin of Heironeous. Seth, bent on cleansing the world of all evil doers declared war on every faction in the known world. He started by trying to shut down The Consortium, an underground Rogue Guild that controlled every aspect of the underworld. The war has lasted five years and Licentia has been on the losing end financially. Meanwhile, The Consortium has been immersed in a civil war of its own. The Pentacle managed to resurrect the powerful founding fathers of The Consortium, who were bent on retaking what they created from the current owner known only as The Jackal. The civil war has been burning for the last half decade.

Tired of the civil war that has encompassed their organization, a member of The Consortium known as Iena, hand picked the founding members of the newly formed Syndicate with the purpose of gathering lost knowledge he knew existed within the unexplored regions of their world. The planet of Thorimor was about to be unfurled in a way that no race had ever known before…

I now present to you… The Syndicate.

The Syndicate